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Our one of a kind memorial tree program offers families the opportunity to continue the life cycle by allowing them to honor their loved one with an unlimited number of living memorials
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The Power of a Tree

This year, with your help, Honoring a Life will plant thousands of memorial trees throughout the United States and Canada with our planting partners, American Forests and The Canadian Institute of Forestry. Forests are crucial to so many aspects of life that their importance cannot be understated — it begins with providing the air we breathe, filtering the water we drink, sheltering the wildlife we love, and it continues with a long list of other benefits too hefty to convey succinctly. We understand the importance of forests to life on the planet and are making a lasting commitment to their protection, especially this Earth Month.

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Eco Friendly Living Will Free Your Spirit

It’s interesting– we go through our lives without ever stopping to wonder what we are doing to the earth. How our lives are a by-product of the things we do, the stuff we buy, without ever wondering about the repercussions of those things on the earth itself.

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Benefits of Picking the Eco-Friendly Way of Life

Living in an apartment has its benefits, and in a bid to making a difference to the world ridden with ecological problems, it is prudent to make a few changes to your own way of life. Whether we know this or not, small changes can make a large impact on the environment. Read More

Be the Change You Want to See

Be the change you want to see—truer words have never been said, and when it comes to being environmentally aware, this change begins at home. Whether you know this or not, there are a lot of things that happen in our home, that affect the environment.

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Five steps to starting your own garden

One of the fastest growing hobbies in North America is the growing of small, personal gardens. From flowers to vegetables to fungi, people from all walks of life enjoy the challenge that comes with growing your own produce. And when you get to enjoy the products of your labor, it’s even better!

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The Resiliency of Nature

As humans, we put the the environment through a lot. Whether it’s paving over fields to build parking lots, dumping toxic chemicals into a landfill, or overfishing a species of fish to near extinction, humanity in its ignorance has left a huge mark on the Earth. Anyone who has ever seen the documentary Planet Earth can attest–the ball of rock we live on is a beautiful work of art! Unfortunately, we don’t always treat it that way.

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Memorial Tree

The Perfect Gift for a Deceased Loved One: A Memorial Tree

There is often no greater pain in someone’s life than when they lose a loved one. Although we know we are all on this earth for a limited amount of time, when we experience a death close to us, it is particularly hard to overcome. Though nothing can replace the role that close friends and family play in your life, there are some truly meaningful actions you can take that will ease the pain and memorialize all of the good things that came from the person’s time here on Earth.

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Top 5 Most Exciting Green Technologies of the Future

We live in a time of exciting advancement in the world of technology. From self-driving cars to wearable computers for our wrists, we are in the midst of truly transformative changes that will affect how we live our lives forever.

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How Much Do Our Everyday Actions Impact the Environment?

Living with environmentally friendly habits is becoming more and more important to many people, and doing one’s part to change the negative effects of humanity on our environment is a common wish that many have all over the world. Turning off the lights, taking shorter showers, and driving eco-friendly vehicles are no brainers, but there are many other seemingly simple, harmless daily actions that many people take without second thought that impact our environment dramatically. Rethinking all of our daily habits is an important first step in changing the way humans impact the environment, and even surprisingly small actions can make a huge difference!

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10 Ways You Can Live A Little Greener

Humans impact the environment on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, every living thing on this planet does. With each step and movement, we either positively or negatively take our next step towards the future of our Earth. Below are the top 10 positive steps you can make on the environment which in turn brightens our future for further generations.

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