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Community Service Ideas To Help The Environment

Every single step towards the progress of a more environmentally friendly society helps to better the planet for the future. Singlehandedly it may seem like a huge effort, but if we all work together the steps towards a healthier environment seems not too far away. Luckily, you can start by organizing community service activities. Most schools even have an environmental club that works hard on progressing towards a cleaner way to live. Not to mention, community service reflects well on any person’s well-being. For students, this could be your easy break to meeting your necessary goals for graduation. Here are just a few ideas to help your community to get started in making the world a greener place to live.

How To Organize Your Community Service Event

  1. Choose your project
  2. Make your team
  3. Plan, plan, plan
  4. Spread the word
  5. Celebrate your success and keep up the good momentum

Planting New Trees

Nothing says making the Earth a little greener like planting new trees in the area. Not only is this a great step forward for the environment but can also provide a great team building opportunity for your community or school. However, always plan before you plant! You never want to overpopulate an area with tree seedlings, try planting in areas with much less tree or plant coverage.

Organize A Recycling Drive

Organizing a recycling drive can help improve the mass of trash in landfills as well as teaching the general population of your community the importance of recycling on a daily basis. Can and bottle returns even offer you a small amount of change back that you can either put towards other community service projects or a charity of your choice.

Organize A Donation Drive

Much of the world’s population is in dire need of things we dispose of on a regular basis. Phone, old computers, and other electronic devices make their way in landfills every year polluting the atmosphere. However, you can help stop this by setting up a donation drive for people to donate their old electronics to organizations that can help distribute them to communities in need.

Clean Up Trash

Cleaning up trash isn’t just an important community service idea but a necessary activity to practice every day. Keep parks, roads, and trails safe for yourself and wildlife by keeping them clean. Always remember to leave no trace if you’re carrying trash without a proper way of disposal.

Organize An Energy Audit

Consider organizing an energy audit at your school, home, local community center. An energy audit helps to determine how much energy is being used in a building. It can also help you to determine how you can make the building more energy efficient. You may want to consider setting up some fundraising events to cover the costs of the changes necessary to make the building greener.


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