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Top 5 Most Exciting Green Technologies of the Future

We live in a time of exciting advancement in the world of technology. From self-driving cars to wearable computers for our wrists, we are in the midst of truly transformative changes that will affect how we live our lives forever.

This progress is not limited to high-tech consumer gadgets, though. There are inventions that are even changing the way we live on planet Earth, and there are many more technologies that will transform green living in the near future. These exciting examples of scientific innovation will allow humans to be kinder to our planet while still maintaining a high quality of life. And to top it all off, this technology is just plain cool! Here are the top 5 most exciting green technologies, affecting our lives both now and in the future. 

  1. Personal Solar Power
    Solar panel technology is becoming more and more affordable, and you may have started to see shiny, reflective panels on the roofs of your neighbors’ homes. Capturing the sun’s energy and turning it into electricity in an effective capacity has been an elusive goal because the limitations of battery technology—but as batteries become better, using personal solar power to fuel your home and your car will become more and more feasible. Expect personal solar power to become the new normal, especially in sunny climates like the West Coast, Southern Europe, and Australia.
  1. Sustainable Green Architecture
    If you live in a big city, there’s a good chance you’ve seen a “green building,” and they’re becoming more common all over the world. These building incorporate rainwater capturing and solar panels in their architecture to minimize their energy needs (there have been over 14,000 net-zero energy homes built since 2008 in the U.S.). They also often incorporate rooftop, balcony, or wall gardens to offer ecosystems for plants and animals. Architectural competitions to design the best “green” buildings are becoming quite popular, and many of today’s most groundbreaking buildings can tout their green credentials.
  1. Smart appliances
    Much of the power and water used in our homes is wasted. For example, air conditioners run all day while we’re at work, water heaters heat water while we’re on vacation, and forgotten lights illuminate rooms for no one. Smart appliances connected to the Internet can be customized to use utilities in the most efficient way possible. Customization and control over your home takes place on your smartphone. Not only does this lower your carbon footprint, but it’ll keep more money in your pocket as well. 
  1. Smart Power Grids
    Similar to smart appliances, “smart power grids” are able to allocate electricity in the most efficient way possible—just on a much bigger scale. And in our big cities, that’s really important. In most places, century-old electric infrastructure is full of broken fuses, redundancies, and other sources of waste. Cities consume around 70% of the world’s energy and generate about 75% of its carbon emissions! Replacing the aging power grids in major cities will do wonders for electricity waste and make city life a bit more sustainable. 
  1. Artificial Photosynthesis
    This is perhaps the most exciting item on the list, and also the farthest away from being reality. Scientists inspired by the process that plants use to convert carbon dioxide, water, and sunlight, have tried to copy it to create artificial photosynthetic energy. This process would be doubly beneficial—it would produce energy and remove large amounts of carbon from the atmosphere. So far, they have gotten a process with 10% efficiency. It’s nothing to sneeze at, but they certainly have a long way to go!





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