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Benefits of Picking the Eco-Friendly Way of Life

Living in an apartment has its benefits, and in a bid to making a difference to the world ridden with ecological problems, it is prudent to make a few changes to your own way of life. Whether we know this or not, small changes can make a large impact on the environment.

Here is a small list of the changes and their benefits for you to refer:

  1. When you move into a barebones empty apartment, rather than go for brand new furniture, look for furniture that has been well taken care of, or go the vintage way and look for antiques. Alternatively, you could pick the minimalist approach – declutter the mess of unnecessary things in your life. Retain only that which you need on a regular basis. Situational things can be found when needed. This bare bone way of living will give you control, while reducing the waste that surrounds our lives.
  2. Pick materials in your home that are durable and easy to maintain. Woods go through a series of chemical treatments that make them durable. Using alternative materials such as bamboo, metal, stone, glass are eco-friendlier, as they are natural, need little to no manipulation to build, and naturally increase the aesthetic value of the space they are used in.
  3. Our ancestors did not have air conditioning. Granted they did not have the high temperatures we must deal with, but their techniques are still very valid. You could keep your windows open, and keep your blinds closed – this will reduce the greenhouse effect of increasing heat retention, while ensuring cross ventilation. Use a fan instead of air conditioning – the gases used in an AC are not exactly safe for the environment. Plus, some simple tricks like placing an icepack in front of the fan, will mimic a sea breeze, and make the home more comfortable. Use cotton sheets for your bed, instead of polyester, or wool – they help keep temperatures low. This happens because cottons don’t hold on to heat like some other fabrics used for bed clothing.
  4. When you pick the eco-friendly way of living, you end up spending a LOT less on maintenance. For example, in a minimalist way of life, one would spend only that which is necessary on a regular basis, or only when necessary, as a short-term lease / rental. Cleaning and maintaining a minimalist apartment is cheaper because the use of cleaning materials reduces through the lack of surfaces and things TO clean.

Picking the eco-friendly method of living is not only environment friendly, but gives you the means to revisit the kind of hording tendencies that a human tends to possess. To curb this will reduce waste, and therefore reduce the burden of maintenance, while also reducing the dependence on those items altogether.

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