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Our one of a kind memorial tree program offers families the opportunity to continue the life cycle by allowing them to honor their loved one with an unlimited number of living memorials

Eco Friendly Living Will Free Your Spirit

It’s interesting– we go through our lives without ever stopping to wonder what we are doing to the earth. How our lives are a by-product of the things we do, the stuff we buy, without ever wondering about the repercussions of those things on the earth itself.

With urbanization taking over the world so rapidly, there are fewer opportunities that present itself where a person can be nurtured by nature.  Be one with the nature by participating actively to heal it through many ways.

  1. Be part of Beach cleanup drives

A few decades ago, teenagers would claim about loving long moonlit walks on the beach. The state of some beaches, however, leave a lot to be desired. Beach cleanup drives are organized regularly around the world in a bid to bring those long moonlit walks on the beach back into fashion.

  1. Build a community garden

Get together with your neighbours and start growing a garden with them. This will put you back in touch with nature, while allowing you and your future generations to reap the benefits of building a safe green haven for everyone. If done correctly, the community could benefit from proper locally grown organic vegetables and herbs, that enhance the quality of food and cooking exponentially.

  1. Plan your vacations in a way that you can support nature

Pick nature reserves and parks for your next family vacation, and get them in touch with the original way of living naturally. Supporting these reserves and parks also improves the environment and limits the impact of urbanization.

  1. Take your family for walks to the local lake, trekking trail, or beach

The more people use these facilities, the higher the chances of the facilities surviving a need for redevelopment. Reconnecting with nature has its benefits. Morning walks in the sunlight is a great source of Vitamin D, in addition to being fantastic for health. Using the Trekking Trails provides a great sense of adventure, while experiencing wilderness in it’s all natural form. Living in an urban environment, these experiences are few and far between.

Summing up

Being eco-friendly involves looking for communities and being active with other eco-friendly people, and businesses. Choose to network and support them to build a sustainable lifestyle. While it is not exactly the easiest thing to do, we certainly sure endeavor as it opens the doors to a healthier, and more meaningful life – not only for us, but for the future generations. To live in and support a sustainable community and economy you may not have many of the conveniences that you are used to – by far this is the hardest thing to adjust to, but this long-term payoff is definitely worth it.

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